Matt Sheeks – Professional Triathlete and Seattle Triathlon Coach


I used to be average.


As Olympic Gold Medalist marathoner Frank Shorter put it, “How do I know you ran a 4:30 mile in high school? That’s easy, everyone ran a 4:30 mile in high school.”


I was a 4:30 miler in high school.


But I didn’t stay a 4:30 miler. I quickly discovered the two most valuable principles in endurance sports training that led me to become a 14:00 5k runner and eventually a pro triathlete. But it didn’t just stop there. Pretty soon, other triathletes started training with me who wanted to know the secret. Many of them too have reached top levels in the sport.


At one point they were just average. Now? Not so average.


One of the friends I helped get fast was Robby Webster, now an Olympic hopeful in triathlon.

“Matt helped me go pro in triathlon, and now I am in an Olympic Development Program. I earned my professional racing license in the fall of 2014 and am now on the Olympic ITU pathway for Rio in 2016. I would not have been able to make this transition from collegiate track to triathlon without the help and input of Matt.”


Another buddy of mine, Andrew Fast, did his first Ironman in over 12 hours. Pretty average. Now he is a professional triathlete.


“Matt Sheeks had the foundational knowledge in endurance sports that I lacked and he was willing to share. Through his guidance I developed a better understanding of what it meant and what it took to be a professional athlete. Matt went above and beyond to ensure I gained the necessary experience on my path to professional triathlon.”


Now I’m a Seattle based triathlon coach and can help you apply the same principles. Whether you are a local triathlete in the greater Seattle area, or you live elsewhere, we can work together to create a combination of on-line and in-person coaching to suit your needs.


Let me help you get faster than you ever thought possible through (a) personalized triathlon training schedules, (b) improved bike fit, swim, and run skills, as well as (c) streamline your current triathlon training and racing plan.  All of my coaching programs are 100% custom and individualized for your unique needs.  For triathletes in the Seattle area, I offer in-person coaching sessions in addition to providing training schedules on-line.


In addition to the perspective necessary to coach others through competing in the Seattle area as an endurance athlete for the past 17 years, I have USA Cylcing Level 3 credentials, USA Track and Field Level One Certification, and have been the assistant Cross-Country and Track and Field Coach for Seattle University.  I’ve also had many years experience as a bicycle fitter, and even coached some exceptional marathoners.




Invest in your triathlon adventure through one of several coaching packages.  All of my coaching programs are 100% custom and individualized for your unique needs.  For triathletes in the Seattle area, I offer in-person coaching sessions in addition to providing training schedules on-line.


Coaching for riders who want to “take it to the next level” or simply finish Seattle to Portland.  Believe it or not, I used to be pretty good on the bike myself and have raced road, track, triathlon, cyclocross and mountain, from distances anywhere from 200m to 137 miles.   Now I’m a little bit older and wiser, but I still have the perspective necessary to coach competitive cyclists. If you live in the Seattle area, I can coach you in-person and on-line.  If you live elsewhere, several on-line coaching options exist.


I have coached several post-collegiate elites including Chris Olinger (2:22 debut marathon at 2008 USA marathon champs, 14:22 5k at Stanford Invitational), Nick Schuetze (2:16 marathon at St. George Marathon, US Olympic Trials Qualifier).  But, you don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from a personalized training program.  Whether you want to go further than you’ve ever gone before, or faster than you’ve ever gone before, or both, I’ll do my best to help you get there.


I believe you can learn so much about an athlete just by observing them.  Sadly, many coaching systems are switching to a purely on-line program where the only information given is how far to go, how often, and at what intensities.  With my flagship coaching program, triathletes in the Seattle area get to meet with me 1x/month for in-person coaching sessions so we can work on your running, cycling, or swimming technique.  In-person coaching sessions are also available to run performance tests, set heart rate intensity values, and establish strength training programs.



Results or your money back! I am so confident you will improve using my training system, after 6 months of coaching, if you believe you have not experienced a measurable improvement, I will refund up to six-months of coaching dues.

Explore several custom coaching options;  learn more about my triathlon training philosophy; select a custom training plan that works for you!