Ironman Canada Bike Set Up

A common question for Ironman Triathletes:  How do I get all the gear I need for race day to fit on my bike?

There are always some  changes one has to make for each race, especially long course Ironman Races.  This is an example of where to put all your nutrition and hydration on your bike, while minimizing the negative weight and/or aerodynamic penalties of strapping extra gear onto a bare bicycle.  I’ll also cover my bike and wheel selection, flat repair solutions, what to do with “sport top bottles” received on course, and even cycling shoe choice.


Hydration System – A refillable hydration reservoir has its advantages.  The Speedfil A2  is probably the simplest solution as it can be used with any standard 21 or 24 oz water bottle.

Gels/Other calories – I’m still working on a perfect solution for this.  My current problem is that my legs rub against all the “bento” carriers I have tried, so I just go old school and tape my gels onto my bike with electrical tape.

Flat repair – I go on the risky side and just carry 1 Hutchinson Fast-Air or Vittoria pitstop.  If that doesn’t work it’s a long walk home!

Wheels – Believe it or not, different courses demand different wheel selections.  Cycling Power Labs has an Aero Components Evaluator  where you can simulate different course conditions.  Watch out for wheels that are so wide that they rub your brakes no matter what you try!  Definitely a point of frustration.

Bike – If you buy carbon, make sure you are the original owner!  You’ll likely need the warranty rights at some point.

If you want more ideas you can view my Ironman Coeur d’Alene Bike Setup article from 2013.

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