November 30, 2016

Repent About Repentance #3 – What Does Repent Mean in Greek?

  So far in this series we’ve looked at the occurrences where God repents in the Greek Old Testament, and how this is carried over into several English versions.  We’ve also examined how Josephus uses repentance, and how it is often employed in morally negative or morally ambiguous situations that do not result in people…

November 12, 2016

Zoot Ultra Tempo 6.0 vs. Zoot Ovwa 2.0 Review

One of the first questions I asked when I joined Team Zoot back in 2015 was, “What is the difference between the Zoot Ultra Tempo 6.0 and the Zoot Ovwa 2.0?”  I was looking for a racing shoe with a moderate amount of stability, and wanted to make the right choice.  At the time, the…