melissa hickey training for triathlon swim
April 23, 2020

How to Setup Your Triathlon Swim Training for Massive Swimming Improvements (2020 Case Study)

  Introduction If you’re a triathlete that transitioned from another sport (running, cycling), you’ve probably quickly realized that there is no agreed-upon playbook for how to train for the swim in triathlon.   Should you swim like club swimmers swim? Or does triathlon training necessitate its own brand of swim training?   Nobody really knows. Not even the…

January 30, 2018

Kayla Kobelin Interview: How to Go Pro Your First Year As a Triathlete If You’ve Never Swam Before and Don’t Own a Bike

In this episode of Northwest Race Report, Matt Sheeks interviews Kayla Kobelin, who recently qualified to go pro in triathlon at the 2017 Ironman Louisville.  In part I, Kayla discusses her athletic history and how she developed a passion for triathlon.  Then, Matt and Kayla talk about her training prior to joining up with Matt,…

June 12, 2017

In-Depth Zoot Prophet 2.0 Wetsuit Review

By Matt Sheeks, Pro Duathlete and Triathlete.   Today we’re going to go through a quick review of the Zoot Prophet 2.0 Wetsuit which has been one of my favorite wetsuits!  I can tell you that after racing in the professional field for 2 years with this suit, it has held up really well.  To…