How to Train Smarter – New Triathlon Training Guide


I’m excited to announce the new release to my Triathlon Training Quickstart Guide.


I’ve compiled the best training principles from the greatest running, cycling, and triathlon coaches of all time, then condensed it down into a handy triathlon training “quickstart” guide which you can download in pdf format.



What’s in the Guide?

Simply put, The Triathlon Training Quickstart Guide contains the best training advice from the most knowledgeable and scientifically adept coaches of all time.

Training Plan Phases
Explanation of key training phases that almost all professional triathletes, runners, and cyclists employ. Train the right way at the right time!


Heart Rate Zones

How to test for and set up your heart rate training zones, so you always know if you’re training at the right intensity.


Sample Workouts
Sample swim, bike, and run workouts during the interval training phase of your training plan.

How to Get the Guide

The guide is available right here on! Click this link to get the guide.

Happy Training!


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